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Karthikeyan S

Blk 101, #13-04

Cashew Road

Singapore 679672

Tel: (65)8931076




To obtain employment as Software Engineer



Mar 2000 - Present

ESEC, Singapore

Presently employed as Software R&D Engineer to design and develop software for testing wire-bonding automation machinery for IC packaging.


Jul 1998 - Mar 2000

Centre for Wireless Communications, Singapore

Worked as R&D Engineer in the Baseband Division. Involved in technical R&D projects.

- Developed a cable-modem system designed for internet access from home.

- Designed and developed an Electronic Toy based on RF-Identification Technology.


Jan 1997 - Jun 1997

Aztech Systems Ltd., Singapore

Worked as student in R&D department of company as part of Industrial Attachment (IA) programme of Nanyang Technological University (NTU), Singapore.

- Designed and developed a stand-alone DSP based system to test Speakerphones.



1994 - 1998

Bachelor of Engineering (Electrical)

Graduated IInd class Upper (Honours) from Nanyang Technological University (NTU),  Singapore. Final Year Specialization: Communications Engineering.



All India Secondary Schools Certificate Examination (AISSCE)

Graduated with an overall aggregate of 93.4%



Apr 1999 – Nov 2000


Project involving wireless identification using RF tags. Using the RF-ID technology developed and patented at CWC, a toy application was developed. Work involved baseband circuit design for toy’s speech synthesis capabilities, hardware development/testing and firmware programming for Sensory RS-264T speech capability IC.


Jul 1998 – Jun 1999

Cable Modem

Current project at Centre for Wireless Communications (CWC), an R&D division of NUS. Work responsibility involved designing, testing, debugging and prototyping Physical Layer hardware, based on STEL-2176 Cable Modem chipset. Familiarized with various digital/analogue hardware testing instruments/equipment and EDA tools (PROTEL) for PCB prototyping. Also performed software coding in ‘C’ for generating TCM and Convolutional encoded data based on DOCSIS 1.0 standard, to test cable modem downstream reception.


Jul 1997 – Mar 1998

CDMA Mobilephone Circuit Design

Final Year Project (FYP) in the field of Communications Engineering, at NTU. Project involved designing a CDMA (Code Division Multiple Access) 2.45GHz wireless transceiver system (using HARRIS PRISM chip-set), PCB design, system development, baseband/RF testing & characterization. Familiarized with Spread Spectrum theory & techniques, Microwave theory & techniques.


Jan 1997 - Jun 1997

Development of Speakerphone Performance Analyzer

Project done during IA (Industrial Attachment) at Aztech Systems Ltd. (Singapore) A Digital Signal Processor (Analog Devices’ ADSP-2181) based hardware system was designed from scratch. Firmware was developed in ‘C’ & Assembly to test speakerphone chip-sets and perform sound and digital signal processing with DSP. Familiarized with basic digital signal processing theory and techniques.






Dr VK Dubey

School of EEE, Office S1-B1c-31

Nanyang Technological University

Singapore 639798

Tel : 7995424



Dr Au Yeung Tin Cheung

School of EEE, Office : S1-B1a-11

Nanyang Technological University

Singapore 639798

Tel : 7991296